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Re: [opensuse]: David's bouncing email...
On 23/08/18 07:25, L A Walsh wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2018-08-22 02:53, L A Walsh wrote:
David C. Rankin wrote:
  recaptcha has been an abysmal failure.
Like return email addresses that don't work?

None of my email goes through to you so I can't respond to any of
your emails -- tried variation w/o "atty", doesn't seem to work either.
Does anyone else have lock sending email to David?

Trying with this post...
Did it bounce for you or go through?

I almost immediately get a "problem" message and another 4 hours
later...then another at 5 days when it stops trying.

The problematic part is that I can't even respond to off-list email from David (occasionally getting some).

Thanks for responding/trying...

Hopefully he'll see this on list...

FYI, I have no problems with corresponding with David and I am using Thunderbird v52.9.1. I mention the version because your Header simply states 'Thunderbird' as your mail client.

And may I ask a favour of you? :-) Could you adjust your mailer so that when YOU respond to a post it would show at least the DATE of the original message you are replying to? For example, when you responded to Istvan your msg started of as-


Istvan Gabor wrote:
> Hello:
> This is the most silly/ridiculous thing I've seen recently.
> When I want to open any site with palemoon browser
> either directly of clicking a google search result link,
> I get the mostly unsolvable google recaptcha instead of the
> expected page.


and Istvan wrote his msg 5 days ago. I had already deleted part of this thread and so had to go searching for Istvan's msg...


"Truth isn't truth."

Rudy Guiliani, Donald Trump's lawyer, 20 August 2018

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