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Re: [opensuse] Fax vulnerability
On 08/16/2018 11:17 PM, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
I worked in the telecom business for a fairly long time in central
offices and switches.  Yes, you can record the audio tones, but a fax
modem is a VERY fussy beast and that trick tends to not work.

Years ago, software FAX modems were popular.  They were generally just
an audio card with the modem software running.  Someone who was able
could modify that software for monitoring.

Nor is cracking the ss7 network.  Access is tightly controlled. One
does not "just get on" that network.

I also worked in telecom for many years.  I'd often set up Adtran
multiplexers for various services, including voice.  They can be
configured to supply whatever caller ID is desired.  These multiplexers
would then connect to the phone network via Primary rate ISDN, so they'd
originate the SS7 data for that location.  So yes, if I was the tech
setting up one of those multiplexers, I could make the caller ID show
whatever I wanted.  At another company, I also used to do a lot of work
with Newbridge multiplexers, which could similarly be configured, though
that wasn't part of my job at that time.

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