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Re: [opensuse] Question re why part of a magazine article does not print
On 04/08/18 09:17, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 31/07/18 18:48, gumb wrote:
I don't have a solution. I can only confirm that the same happens if I try to print to a PDF. And it's not the only page that presents these non-printing elements. I try to save my bank and credit card statements as PDFs in the same way, or confirmation pages of payments. Since a year or so ago something changed and the only things that print are headers and titles, whilst all the actual values are missing. At first I thought it was my themeing and the amounts were printing in white against a white background, but no, even trying to make a selection or search the missing text within the file, it's clear there's nothing there.

I also wondered if there is some page styling that explicitly allows for non-printing, in the same way that some sites can prohibit certain right-click actions. But I wouldn't have thought a website could override the system and there's no reason these elements should be hidden anyway, so it must be some kind of bug.

Your tip for using a screen grab could be handy. I'd have thought the new built-in screenshot tool in the latest Firefox could do the job?

I didn't know about the screengrab option in FF so thanks for pointing it out.

However, there is no way that I would use it as (from what I saw) it requires that I have to create a 'Firefox account'.

I always use either Screengrab!, a FF Add-on, or Spectacle, which is part of openSUSE.

I did use Screengrab to capture that article but the only sensible way to do it with Screengrab would be to capture one page per 'grab' in order to print one page of text without that "PC mag." header. I may have to buy the mag. at the newsagency provided it is still available for sale.

I wasn't aware that the FF screenshot tool was linked to having an account. Although I found the other day that it doesn't work on certain pop-up windows, even though the option remains visible and not greyed out.

One thing I like about it is that after clicking 'Take a screenshot', there are a couple of icon overlays in the upper-right of the browser pane, and clicking one of them allows to capture the full web page including out-of-vision elements, all in one image file.


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