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[opensuse] Re: weird error on opensuse site following an advert: new encryption only on suse?
Patrick Shanahan wrote:
then YOU need to install filters that divert threads were you are active
to show in the mail box you desire instead of imposing on everyone else to
ignore courteous and expected email responses and the expected action in
opensuse-* lists.
Um..."courteous and expected"...who is forcing them to change
to something that goes against RFC behaviors and the default behavior?

IF you force them to send something other than the default, then
it disallows people choosing what to receive.

why do you expect everyone else to change for YOU?
I don't.
If someone responds to my email, and uses "Reply-All,
by default, it will go to me and the list. Accepting
the default is not forcing them to change.

You are exercising your choice by putting in a 'Mail-Follow-Up' header that only sends it to the list if they
reply to all. OTOH, you are trying to take away my choice of what
others receive by default.

Why are you trying to force people to take away other's choice?

Where did you get that I'm asking for anything other than
the default mail-client behavior?

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