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[opensuse] Re: Who do we dare reply to... Was: weird error
John Andersen wrote:
On 06/27/2018 01:28 AM, L A Walsh wrote:
p.s. -- if you want me to see what you wrote in reasonable time frame...

Which (reply to sender) is STILL the list default, I believe. (After all these
Well, AFAIK, that behavior is called for by applicable RFC's.

But making a habit of that that will get you several nastygrams from people
insisting they
want only the list copy, and you have to remember each person's preference.
They have preference to filter out extras, however, if I only send it
one place or the other and they miss it, they can't exactly duplicate it and
put it in
other location.

I add a filter to my MUA on the body of message, if it mentions my name, then
it flags the message.
Your MUA? Mail reader?

In conversations (in person), if someone makes a comment, and someone
responds or replies, they usually address the person who just made the comment
well as looking at the group, as it is in a group context. To only respond to
and ignore questioner would be considered rude in most contexts as responding
to that person and ignoring the group might make the group feel left out of the
private conversation.

In email, the 1st can apply, while if one only responds to the person,
the group isn't likely to see it -- which can be appropriate or not based
on message.

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