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[opensuse] Re: opensuse sites *appear* not to be following recommended TLS settings.
Liam Proven wrote:
On 24/06/18 18:56, L A Walsh wrote:
That's with Pale Moon V25.50(x64) -- (current version 27.9.3).
Have not upgraded this browser because I'd lose too many extensions
I want to use/keep for my everyday/casual usage.

I tried PaleMoon recently, when Firefox Quantum stopped (almost) all my
extensions working.

I was very unimpressed. It's forked from an *ancient* version of Firefox
which hasn't been updated in many years.
When it was forked, it was "new". However, it kept older features that many liked where the new FF moved away
from its standard interface to a newer one. Many didn't appreciate
that. As for security updates, PM as applied the same types of
security revisions as FF has gotten and more. The current version
isn't even based on the same rendering engine as FF was then (or now).

If you want a browser that runs classic Firefox XUL extensions, try
I tried WF ages ago (long before I new about PM). At the time
it was slow and less stable than FF (this is at least 4-5 years back).
There have also been concerns about their privacy policy:

That I've heard people speaking about for about the last
few-to-couple of years.

That said, I'm sure I could find things to critique about PM -- as they did change their extension format at some point, so
I haven't upgraded it since, but have a list of non-compat
extensions that occasionally review and work on -- sometimes to
find replacements, and in a few cases to try to fix the
compat problems.

As for security -- they seem to be on top of the latest security
issues and quickly issue fixes/patches.

P.s. if you respond to me, and want me to see your reply in
a reasonable time frame (or sometimes, "at all"), please be
sure to send a copy to me as well as the list. They are sorted
differently, locally. Thanks.

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