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Re: [opensuse] Network manager does not restore same connection
On 06/22/2018 04:44 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
I'm going to suggest that was intentional.
People hibernate (and/or suspend)machines mostly to travel, home to work, on
the road, etc.
Expecting the same connection to be available, and preferred upon resume
seems a corner case
rather than the normal case.
The IP set (manually or via DHCP) should never be trusted upon a resume. You
may have moved
from one network to another.
That is debatable. Many people use a laptop at home instead of a desktop
machine, and the laptop is sitting permanently on a table in the sitting
room, occasionally going somewhere. And it is normal to hibernate
machines when not in use, some do so automatically after a period of not
being used.

It is perfectly valid to verify if the conditions before are still valid
after, and if they are, restore the connections, and if not, find new ones.

I tend to agree with Carlos here. If I put my laptop to sleep at home, I
expect that it will come back up with the same connection it went to sleep
with. I have multiple adapters configured as well. You don't see windows going
to sleep connected to Wi-fi and then awaking connected to a non-plugged in
wired connection...

While I see the logic in the John's reasoning, I haven't seen any threads that
have gotten wide-spread review of dhcpcd spoofing on awakening from sleep.

If you are not coming back from sleep connected to the same connection --
that's a problem.

There has always been a bit of lack of gracefulness in the way Linux apps
handle the recovery from sleep that seem to have been solved long ago on the
dark side. I have not done any specific coding regarding return from sleep,
but I suspect there is a common framework in windoze that apps can call to
determine the connection state on wake-up that doesn't have a Linux companion
that app developers have made wide-spread use of. (I have no doubt there is a
companion, but given the diversity in the origin of apps for Linux, there
isn't any coordinated push for all apps to make use of it)

I'll have to do more testing, but the times I have put 42.3 to sleep, it has
always come back up with the correct connection. (I generally just leave it
idling due to the ssh connections I have open normally -- I have a konsole
dcop script that restores all my tabs and automatically makes the connections
to the list of hosts specified). I have 15 virtualized, but not on metal, so I
haven't tested there.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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