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Re: [opensuse] yast2 over ssh

works for me here between two tumbleweed machines both up-to-date and
both with kde/plasma and x11

cat /etc/os-release

mh, i have here 3 machines:
2 times exact same hardware/software:
amd ryzen / mesa amd graphics x11 kde/plasma
tumbleweed: 20180618
both did have the problem with starting qt applications (dolphin or yast2) over
from or to each other, or from themself.
but working fine if i opensuse11.4 (old hardware) ssh to tumbleweed: 20180618
also working fine opposite direction.

samsung laptop intel, mesa-noveau x11/plasma
tumbleweed: 20180530
will work if ssh to it self,
and desktop tumbleweed 20180618 ssh to laptop tumbleweed 20180530 working
but not if
laptop tumbleweed 20180530 ssh to desktop tumbleweed 20180618 qt apps empty

note: it does not work, presents empty window outline, if I ssh to another
machine and then ssh -XCf back to original machine. but it does not
present any error msgs.

so the problem must be either in the tumbleweed updates after 20180530
or in the hardware.

should i report this in the factroy mailing list, or do a bugreport, and if,
how to do and how to adress it?



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