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Re: [opensuse] Black display on media server
* Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-17-18 19:07]:
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On Sunday, 2018-06-03 at 15:55 +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:


I have an sporadic problem with my media server, currently running Leap
42.3. Typically it is running kodi full screen (on XFCE desktop). I leave
it running on the night (it is also server for other things full time),
so I just power off the display.

Well, sometimes when I power back on the display it remains "dark grey",
ie, black with backlight on; there is some signal, but it is black. No
response to keyboard at all, that I can see. Most times I can not switch
to console text mode. I can do ssh from another machine, tasks are
running. I kill kodi if it still there, kill the screen saver, "chvt 1",
"init 3"... nothing works, the display does not respond. I have no
resource but reboot the server.

I suspect that Kodi has crashed but not fully exited, not restored the
display it grabs (full screen mode).

Happened again and got more info; I was able to recover the display.

kodi chrashed, yes. After sometime, the display wen black. Moving the mouse
it restored. I had other things to do, so I left it be. After a while it
went black, and longer afterwards the display itself powered off completely.
Not "standby", but fully off.

Eventually I used the remote control to power it back on. Black. Moved
mouse, touched keys... no response. I knew the machine was responsive
because I had been doing things on it for hours via ssh. Thinking that
screensaver could be triggered, I carefully typed the password and enter. No
response. Ctrl-alt-f1... no response.

I removed the cable, which is connected to "HDMI1/DVI/PC" and connected it
to HDMI2. No response, the remote control said there was no signal there. I
connected it back to HDMI1, and this time I got signal: I could see the
result of the Ctrl-alt-f1 I did before. Ctrl-alt-f7 got me back to the
normal graphical display. I see my password typed as a command on the
terminal, so the screensaver and lock was not active.


It is running Leap 42.3 and XFCE.

The display is a Samsung.

In settings, display power management is "off". Screensaver is disabled. Yet
the display itself goes dark and later powers off, something which kodi
impedes when it is running.

I will try enabling power management of the display in XFCE, setting "switch
off" to "never".

is display/power management enabled in the bios?
dpms ??

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