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Re: [opensuse] Limiting the battery charge on a laptop permanently plugged on
On 2018-06-17 12:44, jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Le 17/06/2018 à 12:36, Carlos E. R. a écrit :

charge to 55..60% while the charger is plugged, because this will
the battery life.

60%, really? are you sure?

Absolutely, I see the indicator in Windows fixed at that value for two days.

What I did not see is a click for "fully charge now, this time" because
I'm going out. Even better, an external button that works when computer
is off. Firmware.

I had a Lenovo computer and I remember this options, but it was more
around 90% AFAIK

Yes, I have read about different values. But this laptop came with an
app from Lenovo, click to accept full charge or limited charge. No
choice of value. So 60 is the correct value for this one.

Not sure it's really necessary, I have this on no other computer and
have no problem

I heard of it in usenet, but I did not know for sure. But when the
manufacturer tells you, then it is true.

when possible for rarely used computer it's better to remove the battery
(to avoid full discharge), but it's no more possible on most laptop now,
so the better is to charge them at least once a month or simply let them
plugged all the time. Done this for +20 years now without problem

My HP laptop I had to replace the battery this year, and I bought it on
2010 or thereabouts. It lasted long, and it was most of the time
connected to the wall.

If the electronics were clever enough to fully unplug the battery
circuit flow when the battery is fully charged, there would be no need.

The new battery (non HP) came with instructions to improve battery life.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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