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Re: [opensuse] Philosophical question?
On 14/06/18 23:47, David C. Rankin wrote:

Had it not been for the deal with the devil in 2008 and the debacle of
making the new "Released" KDE 4.0.4a default on 11.0 released that year, I
doubt I would have run another distro.

Yes, that is a particular mystery to me.

SUSE has the rights to use a Windows-like desktop, and yet, SLE does not
-- it offers GNOME 3 with a sort of taskbar bolted on. The whole point
of the "deal with the devil" as you call it was to retain the rights to
offer a Windows-like desktop, and yet, the enterprise version does not.

Answer: Linux is Linux is Linux...

It's all the same under the hood. (even VMWare is just Linux underneath)


So is one package manager really superior than another. Should that dictate
your choice? (answer: No) Whether it is RPM, dpkg, apt or pacman or the
various derivatives, they are work well. Just more syntax and different
commands to make friends with.

TBH, having switched from the RPM side of the fence to the DEB side in
2004, I have found APT and DEB to be simpler and significantly more

Fedora's implementation, YUM and now DNF, is pretty smoooth -- but the
supplementary tooling, such as the graphical package manager, are very
poor indeed. Synaptic is still the best graphical package manager I've
seen on any OS of any form. YAST's inability to allow the selection of
multiple packages to remove drives me crazy.

So is there a difference between the upgrade paths offered by the distros?
(answer: Yes). This boils down to "How painful is it to keep my system running
-- long term?" There is nothing worse than a forced upgrade as a distro
reaches end of life and a new security issue emerges.

Hmmm. Perhaps I have been spoiled. On Ubuntu I have usually found this
process very smooth. I rarely reinstall. My current laptop install dates
from when I bought the _previous_ laptop in 2013.

So is there a difference in communities? (answer: Yes) You can create the
greatest distro on earth, but if your community responds to new users with "If
you don't already know, then go **** yourself", the distro is likely to go the
way of the Dodo. The community should also encompass what, and how good, the
reference documentation is for the distro, and how well and how current it is


Also, formats offered by those communities. For instance, I like mailing
lists but I dislike web fora. Mint closed its moribund and near-silent
mailing list, for instance, and now Mint users _must_ use the fora.

So rather than ask what should I use, in the days of 50M - 100M internet,
you should just go try each one.


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