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Re: [opensuse] Philosophical question?

On 14/06/18 22:59, Stevens wrote:
I have been sub'ed to this forum for many years. I'm not sure which was
my first opensuse version (I remember 10-something) but suffice it to
say that I have followed the trials and tribulations of the user
community here and I wonder what it is about opensuse that really sets
it apart from all the other distros out there.

I mean, what is its main claim to fame? The answer to that has changed
over the years but I wonder what it is now. Maybe someone here can make
a compelling case for the use of opensuse instead of any other linux
distro. If so, I would like to see it. What use case would cause
opensuse to be selected? I suppose in order to answer that, one must be
fluent in the various linux dialects. I am not; I barely have enough
time to use this opensuse 13.1 and admin the adjacent webserver running
ubuntu 16.04lts.

As my version is somewhat dated ;-) I will be moving to something better
by year's end. Maybe 15.1, maybe something else. I really haven't had
time to research, which is why the original question.

Thanks, Fred

There were 2 main reasons why I started using it:

1. All desktops are treated equally (at the time I was running gnome 2
with mostly kde3 apps very few distro's supported both even half well

2. Yast, as a new user it made my life configuring things easy.

The reason I stayed:
* How easy it was to contribute the things that I thought were missing.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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