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Re: [opensuse] OS/2 to SUSE switch; && (was: Philosophical question?)
On 06/14/2018 02:49 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
I hate to sound "me too", but these are also the reasons why I have
stayed with SuSE over the years. I went looking for a Linux distro
almost the same day IBM announced it was discontinuing OS/2 (around
2001/2002, iirc, but maybe earlier), which I had been running since
version 2.0.
After a quick comparison of features, I rather quickly settled on SuSE
6.3, and I have been running SuSELinux/openSUSE ever since.

I used to do 3rd level OS/2 support at IBM Canada.  It was capable of a
lot of things that I've not seen elsewhere.

I first tried Linux when I bought the Linux Bible, GNU Testament, which
came with a Yggadrasil  CD.  I then tried Slackware.  At IBM, I was on a
distribution list for a lot of different software CDs, for OS/2, DOS,
Windows, mainframe stuff and also a bunch of Linux CDs.  Back then I
tried Red Hat, Mandrake & Debian, all from that IBM pack.  I also went
to a Corel Linux presentation, with some of my co-workers and got a CD
there.  One problem I recall was getting Debian to run on a Microchannel
bus & token ring.  We weren't successful.  I had to change a config file
to get Mandrake to run on a ThinkPad & token ring.  At home, I ran Red
Hat for a while before moving to SuSE, about 15 years ago.

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