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Re: [opensuse] OS/2 to SUSE switch; && (was: Philosophical question?)
Knurpht@openSUSE composed on 2018-06-14 18:56 (UTC+0200):

Per Jessen composed:

Darryl Gregorash wrote:

I hate to sound "me too", but these are also the reasons why I have
stayed with SuSE over the years. I went looking for a Linux distro
almost the same day IBM announced it was discontinuing OS/2 (around
2001/2002, iirc, but maybe earlier), which I had been running since
version 2.0.
After a quick comparison of features, I rather quickly settled on SuSE
6.3, and I have been running SuSELinux/openSUSE ever since.

I took a little longer to give up on OS/2, 2004/2005, otherwise very
much the same story. I also complete agree with what jdd wrote, as
well as what Mikhail wrote about KDE.

claim to fame? dunno, for me SuSE Linux was my first Linux distro. I
never had much reason to look elsewhere.

Same here. Started with 5.4 in 1998, left Windows in 2001, tried other
distros, but always next to S.u.S.E./SuSE/openSUSE. It's simply home. And not
only the best KDE implementation, GNOME as well. And I guess I ran all the

While still using DesqView/QEMM on first DOS 5, then PC DOS 7/2000, I started
poking at Linux by buying an InfoMagic 6 CD box set at the same time I was
seriously considering upgrading OS/2 2.1x to Warp 4, and using it more than
dabbling with it, seeing a need to upgrade from BBS tinkering to real Internet
access. Warp got the nod; the InfoMagic CDs never made it out of their box long
enough to be installed anywhere.

On the threshhold of Y2K I bought a ©2000 Linux book that included a RedHat 5.1
CD, which I installed on a second PC. Gnome put me off and got little more than
dabbled with until both Corel/KDE/WordPerfect and Mandrake 7's KDE got my
attention, and more serious use.

Windows 3 never got used here for anything but its built-in games, a quickly
abandoned novelty, and the ability to speak with any familiarity about it.
Windows 95 didn't get installed on anything here until long after Windows ME
proved its lack of worth, and only as a learning exercise. I did (and still do)
have Win98SE, W2K(?) and WinXP on extra/older PCs, but mainly only for purposes
of Mozilla testing, web site QA, and eventually Logitech Harmony Remote
management, now handled by the painful slug that is Win10, which is otherwise
used only for web site evaluation in IE and Edge, and occasionally dealing with
warranty & RMA people.

What got my secondary PC headed into full time use was SuSE 8.0's HTTP
installation and YaST2, obviously high quality Deutsch products. I quickly went
to 8.1, and then with 8.2 and Apache, 24/7, though still secondary to OS/2 as
migrated to eComStation.

It wasn't until it became obvious in Q3 2009 that post-1.1.19 SeaMonkey wasn't
going to have adequate support in eCS that I made the migration of primary OS
from eCS to openSUSE. I still run eCS 24/7, because Linux can't do DOS like OS/2
can do DOS, which is where I keep most things DB and/or financial, in heavily
macro'd QPro, which never that I could find acquired a migration path to
anything else, GUI or otherwise.

I do also use other Linux distros on (a bunch of) other PCs, but that's all
about various forms of QA, learning, technical support, and a bit of FOSS
cross-pollination now & then. None of them get more than a few hours' uptime at
a time, and all share HD space with at least three installations of the best
overall Linux distro, openSUSE.
"Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Whatever else you
get, get wisdom." Proverbs 4:7 (New Living Translation)

Team OS/2 ** Reg. Linux User #211409 ** a11y rocks!

Felix Miata ***

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