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Re: [opensuse] Re: What Does "Active Contributor" Mean?
On 12/06/18 05:58 PM, Knurpht @ openSUSE wrote:
And what about me and the other forums team members that send people over to
bugzilla ? Incl. your own advice to people to do so? How are we gonna count
those ? I know that I've done so hundreds of times, yet these bugs are not
registerd on my name/account? Same goes for the others in the so called
Mind this is not to you personally, but to the others participating in the
thread as well. Nobody can expect any of us reporting these bugs ourselves,
specially if we cannot reproduce them.

Just because some of us aren't the ones that report the bugs to bugzilla doesn't
mean we're not contributing.
If a member posts a problem and those of us wolf fence it and verify for him
that it is a problem and not problem with prestidigitation are we *ALL* supposed
to report the bug or me-too it?

There are many problems that aren't bugs that come by here over and again.
Simple one with DNS/etc-resolv.conf and more, that the 'wisdom of crowds' here
responds to. Al those really should be archived, but then how do we get people
to look to that archive of quick fixes first?

Sidebar: no-one who has been battering their head against the desk for a couple
of days trying to deal with the problem themselves are going to look to a page
of 'trivial quick fixes to common problems'. no, their problem is the most
important one in the world, the most insoluble, in no way 'trivial'. that's the
way human psychology is. That the 'wisdom of crowds' here solves it in a couple
of lines is humiliating. BTDT.

Now, about that page of 'trivial quick fixes to common problems' ....

The theory of our modern technic shows that nothing is as practical as
-- Julius Robert Oppenheimer (1904-67) U. S. Nuclear physicist.
*Reflex*, July 1977.

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