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Re: [opensuse] Mailinglist changes going forward
On 2018-06-12 07:45, Simon Lees wrote:

On 12/06/18 01:19, Simon Becherer wrote:

i read the most of this mailing-list "changes going forward".
but still, i have no idea where to asked my questions, maybe my english
is to bad, maybe there where no clear enough explanation i understand, maybe
i have not 100% read this.

could anybody make this clear for me, i do not like to waste other peoples
time and i am willing to try to use the correct mailing-list:

lets make some example's:

(some real problems at the moment:)

question: a (this) package has a problem:
-- i asked this on this list what to do. because no answer, so maybe wrong
but i do not know. meanwhile i have contacted upstream and packer and
got responds from both, so i think problem will be in future fixed.
but, where to asked if i do something wrong with installation or if
it IS a package problem? - here I found by myself out it IS not a local
problem, its a package problem.,
but after receive infos from packer, its not a package but a upstream
but often i do NOT find this out by myself so, where to ask?

Once you are reasonably sure in this case that its not a local problem
the best approach is to contact the openSUSE maintainer through bugzilla
they can then determine if its an openSUSE or upstream issue, then if
your happy to you can create an upstream bug report if not its the
maintainers job to do it.

But how can a user know that "its not a local problem" if he doesn't
know himself? By asking on the mail list...

2) question "how did virt-manager shut down guests if the host will be
shut down, will it kill the guests, or will it send the power-down
event (and of course if the os in guest reacts) go down normal and if
it is like this where could i set the waiting time before killing guest
(if need to long to shut down guest os normal)
and if it normally kills, how to write a script if host kills guests when
and stop shutdown, send power down to guest, wait some time, and continue
with host shutdown????? (because i think at my local installation time
is to short or i reconfigured something it will only kill)

here you could as opensuse-support@o.o or try the virt-manager mailing
list or irc channel (I found both in 2 seconds on there home page). That
is because this is mostly a question about how an upstream project works.

3) after a update tumbleweed "dup" something will not work as before,
question: is this known, (because i am not able to debug some stuff by
i am only user) should i provide more info, and IF, how do i provide more
SOMETIMES i am not able to bring such problems to a POINT to "name" it in
therms of
a seach sting for the problem to use search engines.
telling me: search in bugzilla will therefore not help me.

have your best shot at searching bugzilla quickly, if you find nothing
its not a problem,

At this point, if in doubt ask in mail list, IMO. Other people may know
and tell you what the problem is or to report in bugzilla.

report the issue against the broken package as you
type the bug title bugzilla will give you hints towards what could be
another similar issue. If you don't see anything there then create the
issue. Should the issue be a duplicate it takes 5 seconds for the
maintainer to mark it as such and you haven't wasted anyones time.

And sometimes we do not get a response in years.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from openSUSE, Leap 15.0 x86_64 (ssd-test))

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