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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-support] expected behavior, or not?
On 12 June 2018 at 09:58, George from the tribe <tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes I totally agree. And I might also mention this. Sometimes forums and/or
lists such as this help a user get a temporary fix to a problem working
while waiting for the bug report to run its course and have the real fix
implemented. I have had the experience in which I needed to get something
working NOW, and I put in a bug report to get it going, but then the list or
forum gave me an idea that would help me work around the problem until the
bug fix was in. That way I was able to continue working, then once the fix
was completed and tested, I switched what I was doing away from the
temporary solution to the fixed problem.

Workarounds should be documented on the bug inside bugzilla, not
scattered across various forums, mailinglists, or IRC rooms

We have a single authoritative source for the information regarding
bugs. If people are discussing bugs and finding workarounds on forums
or lists, fine, but if they are not updating that information in the
bug on bugzilla, they are doing a huge disservice for the Project as a
whole and increasing workload and pressure on our developers;

as a developer there's few things more annoying and demotivating than
hurriedly working a solution that your bug tracker says is critical
and urgent and horrible just to find that there was a workaround and
the problem could have been prioritised behind two or three equally
nasty problems that do not have a workaround.

Don't delude yourself that taking conversations away from Bugzilla
helps anybody, it does not.

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