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Re: [opensuse] What Does "Active Contributor" Mean? (was: Mailinglist changes going forward)
Richard Brown composed on 2018-06-11 09:53 (UTC+0200):
With the exception of Per and Carlos, I can't easily name any of the
regular participants of this list as active contributors to the

Selective recall perhaps? openSUSE mailing lists aren't the only evidence of
project contribution:

Reported by, bug date that is in state RESOLVED FIXED; oldest & B.O.O. # &
email; sign-up date:
Christian Boltz: 2005-01-15 # 64869 suse-beta@ 2008-10-14
Per Jessen: 2005-09-04 #115227 per@ 2010-07-13
Me: 2006-01-04 #141443 mrmazda@ 2008-12-21
Carlos Robinson: 2006-04-26 #170000 carlos.e.r@ 2009-02-04
Gertjan Lettink: 2010-06-11 #613466 knurpht@ 2008-06-11
Simon Lees: 2012-08-03 #774394 simonf.lees@ 2013-02-04
Richard Brown: 2013-12-06 #854169 rbrown@ 2014-06-24
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 2014-10-31 #903514 ada.lovelace@ 2013-01-13
Ana María Martínez Gómez: none anamma06@ ?

Reported bugs by, total:
Christian Boltz: 1145
Per Jessen: 451
Me: 263
Carlos Robinson: 431
Gertjan Lettink: 8
Simon Lees: 36
Richard Brown: 71
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 18
Ana María Martínez Gómez: none

Reported bugs by, which are in state RESOLVED FIXED:
Christian Boltz: 359
Per Jessen: 190
Me: 125
Carlos Robinson: 165
Gertjan Lettink: 4
Simon Lees: 23
Richard Brown: 44
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 8
Ana María Martínez Gómez: none

Reported bugs filed by, RESOLVED FIXED percentage:
Christian Boltz: 31.4%
Per Jessen: 42.1%
Carlos Robinson: 38.2%
Me: 47.5%
Gertjan Lettink: 50.0%
Simon Lees: 63.9%
Richard Brown: 62.0%
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 44.0%
Ana María Martínez Gómez: NA

Reported bugs by, which are in state RESOLVED DUPLICATE:
Christian Boltz: 45
Per Jessen: 59
Me: 19
Carlos Robinson: 50
Gertjan Lettink: 2
Simon Lees: 2
Richard Brown: 2
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 1

Reported bugs filed by, RESOLVED DUPLICATE percentage:
Christian Boltz: 3.9%
Per Jessen: 13.1%
Me: 7.2%
Carlos Robinson: 11.6%
Gertjan Lettink: 25.0%
Simon Lees: 5.6%
Richard Brown: 2.8%
Sarah Julia Kriesch: 5.6%

Apparently I allocate more of my time trying to prevent the waste of developer
and QA time than do some other active bug reporters. In fact, some of the time I
spend _is_ on BZ QA itself, what I can, not being a programmer, and not able to
decipher crash logs. When I find what I think is could be an upstream bug, I
take the time to try to reproduce in at least one other distro, and report
upstream instead or in addition. And, I only test on hardware, ensuring that the
observed behavior is not created by VM software. One of my often used BZ saved
searches is reports created in past two days. What each participant does isn't
equally visible.
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get, get wisdom." Proverbs 4:7 (New Living Translation)

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