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Re: [opensuse] Re: Problem with suid pgms on Leap-15.0
On 06/04/2018 03:11 PM, Mark Hounschell wrote:

The rpm provided by Dr. Werner Fink seems to have fixed it up.

There is a new response to your Bugzilla comment BTW.

(In reply to L. A. Walsh from comment #11)
> [...]
> The problem was the loss of supplementary group ID's upon becoming root [...]

Actually, his problem was the loss of supplementary group IDs when transitioning away from root.

And that makes sense to me. When I execvpe something, I am transitioning away from root.

BTW, I did find a work around before I got a response from the BUG.

child_pid = fork();
if (child_pid == 0) {
// child process.

// Work around for bug 1095670
getresuid(&cruid, &ceuid, &csuid); // Get real, effective, and saved uids
getresgid(&crgid, &cegid, &csgid); // Get real, effective, and saved gids
setresuid(cruid, cruid, cruid); // set all uids to real uids
setresgid(crgid, crgid, crgid); // set all gids to real gids

execvpe(argv[0], argv, envp);

// If execvpe returns, it must have failed.
perror("lcrs_system(): execvpe failed : ");
return -1;
} else {
// This is run by the parent.
// Wait for the child to exit.
do {

tpid = wait(&child_status);
if (tpid != child_pid) {
printf("Problem with wait\n");
} while(tpid != child_pid);
return child_status;


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