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Re: [opensuse] Leap 15.0 woes -- fresh install
On 2018-06-04 18:07, Darryl Gregorash wrote:
On 2018-06-03 11:32 PM, Per Jessen wrote:
Darryl Gregorash wrote:

YaST was rewritten in ruby, maybe that is what you're seeing.
Yes, that was it. I must have had Yast minimized on the first try -- is
there any way to locate a .rpm file on disk directly from within Yast?
If so, I've never found out how to do so.

You can call sw_single and tell it to install a given rpm, but I have
not used this syntax in several years so I don't know if it still works.
--help doesn't mention it.

What I do is create a directory and put rpms inside, then use YaST
module to configure repositories to tell it that "that" directory is a
repository. From that point, that directory is another repo, and both
yast and zypper will consider it automatically, handling also updates.

If you do not do that, yast will show that rpm in red as orphaned.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from 42.3 x86_64 "Malachite" (Minas Tirith))

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