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[opensuse] Re: how to enable display power saving on virtual consoles
David C. Rankin wrote:
On 06/03/2018 07:15 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
Uh, it works on some machines, not all. I wonder if it might be
dependent on the graphics driver.

It shouldn't be, IIRC we are talking vesafb by default. Even when using one of
the extended resolutions for the console. I know the X side will depend on the
graphics card and EDID monitor info, but as long as the card does vesa, then
the console frame-buffer shouldn't care.
I have a Dell Poweredge T610 that uses an onboard VGA
card. It doesn't talk VESA nor does it activate power-saving on
the monitor it came with (a 16:9 LCD with HDMI inputs only -- they
had to include an HDMI->VGA adapter with the system -- also the
graphics card is only capable of 4:3 (and one 5:4) ratios.
If you want full color you are limited to 1024x768. The 1280x1024
mode only is capable of 16-bit color.

It doesn't perform well as a frame-buffer device, so it
stays in its native VGA mode where it gets assist from HW scrolling.

Trying to boot a standard suse system make the monitor go
blank as soon as it hits the video driver in the booting kernel.
First output I can see, *if* it boots is the login prompt. It was
very hard to debug, as I kept adding debug code to the disk boot
process -- found out later that it had been booting from a premade
ramdisk, so any fixes or debugging I tried was moot. To further complicate matters, I think the boot loader had been changed away
from lilo at the same time. Lovely coinciding of perplexing issues
that I knew nothing about.

Anyway -- I thought VGA supported power-saving (?) but maybe

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