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Re: [opensuse] Idiot Question about Btrfs
On 2 June 2018 at 13:01, Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

100 GB is overkill. 50 GB is enough, IME.

My rule of thumb is at least three times as much as "/" has in use. As
mine has 66 GB now, I would need at least 198 GB btrfs root partition. I
don't see 100 GB as overkill for typical user. :-}

And planing for the future, as repartitioning an existing hard disk is a
chore, I would make that even bigger. Me, I would allocate 500 GB on a 4
TB rotating rust disk.

Once upon a time, I thought that a 200 MB /boot partition was ample
enough. It wasn't, after some years...

A separate /boot partition can be more harmful than beneficial these
days; for example on openSUSE distributions it prevents the use of
boot-to-snapshot features which are really nice to have by default

My rule of thumb is to avoid needless partitioning - have as few
partitions as possible, and have each as large as possible

So my in my case my boot SSD/HDD device is almost always dominated by
a large btrfs partition with /, with the only other partitions being
the minimum needed for UEFI booting. That does not include a /boot.
I occasionally mount /home on a different SSD/HDD if the machine in
question has multiple drives. I'm just as likely to have /home part of
the / partition and make a /data partition on that second disk and
symlink across folders containing large amounts of data (Downloads, VM
images, etc)

And as btrfs is heavily mentioned in this thread I'd like to make sure
that everyone with an interest in using btrfs watches my lightning
talk from oSC -

It covers topics like analysing space in use, tidying up snapshots,
and repairing a broken filesystem, all of which I've seen significant
amounts of misinformation about in the past.

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