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Re: [opensuse] Problem with leap 15 upgrade
don fisher composed on 2018-06-01 22:12 (UTC-0700):

My system is a real mess. My grub.cfg is trashed, my Leap 15 grub.cfg
file system still contains references to 43.2 files. I have to learn how
to boot a rescue system and remake all of the grub 2 stuff. I am
currently working on a 4TB disk, with partition 1 type bios_grub, and
partition 2 type legacy_boot. I think that is all correct. Now to make
sure grub is written to the bios_grub partition, and all the rest makes

If I had this PC and all the trouble you've been having, I'd restart with a
fresh 15.0 install - AFTER disconnecting power to all storage devices except
installation media and the installation target disk. Once everything on it seems
OK I'd try adding the current sda only. Once that's debugged, if debugging is
necessary, I'd add back the current sdc too. Finally with those three OK I'd add
the current sdd.

If 15.0 installation still failed in this manner. I'd install 42.3 in same
manner, and after ensuring all seems right, do a zypper upgrade to 15.0.

If either of these attempts at 15.0 failed, I'd create bug report(s):

Of course, if it was here, all partitioning would be complete, and all
filesystems created, none of which would BTRFS, before beginning installation,
using the non-guided expert partitioner, for nothing other than designating what
to mount where.
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