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Re: [opensuse] Idiot Question about Btrfs

Late to the party, but...

On 05/26/2018 01:38 AM, Robin Klitscher wrote:

For historical reasons my longstanding practice has been to keep two,
sometimes three


I, too, use a similar multi-boot strategy for my primary work system for similar
reasons. (I'm feeling less weird.) It's a good for using OpenSuSE as a platform
to do something on, including developing apps not part of "OpenSuSE."

Sadly, these aren't idiot questions you ask. Answers based on a deep dive a
couple months ago into docs and arguments around BTRFS n ZFS. It seems like
BTRFS does a lot of admin-y stuff; stuff you need somewhere, once, in your
setup. ZFS is more like "What prior file systems do, but done better." Also ZFS
been in deployed use longer, though not via OpenSuSE.

So far I've had no problems running a fresh install of 15.0 on an expendable
machine: EXT4 root n home, ZFS data puddle. I haven't yet tried 15.0 into my
multi-boot primary laptop.

I am not a developer of these components, or of OpenSuSE. YMMV.


So, what are the implications, if any, of installing Leap 15 using its
default Btrfs and xfs filesystems in place of the existing Leap 42.2

You'll need more space for "root". And have to get used to the additional stuff
BTRFS does. Leaving 15.0 root on NotBTRFS loses only the unique stuff BTRFS does
beyond the capabilities any filesystem has.

Possibly later OpenSuSE comes to depend on BTRFS-only features for "root" or
other uses.

... leaving the three additional data partitions (and the
other installations) formatted in ext4?

AFAIK should work fine (For now.)

Alternatively, should I also convert the three shared data partitions
now in ext4 to Btrfs?

Good question. Not required by the technology at this time.

If so, does that mean that the root filesystem
for each of the other installations should also be converted to Btrfs?

"Should" work just fine as is, which is what I think you are asking. Whether you
"should" convert all to BTRFS to do stuff the new way is a policy and political

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