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Re: [opensuse] email client question
On 01/06/18 22:34, John Andersen wrote:
On 06/01/2018 10:39 AM, gumb wrote:
On 01/06/18 17:43, Simon Becherer wrote:
thunderbird -> open new mail, alt+tab to inbox -> klick a mail -> hold
mouse -> alt+tab to the new mail, move mouse to right upper corner where
the attachmend should be.
attachmed box opens, mouse cursor changes and you could release button.

I've noticed an annoying bug with that behaviour of late in Leap 42.3, probably
Plasma desktop
that's the culprit so I'm hoping it's fixed in os 15. As is commonly the case
on my desktop the TB
Compose window gets grouped on my panel since I have several things open, and
when dragging the
attachment from whatever program and hovering over the taskbar entry, the group
expands but the
compose window no longer opens and comes to the fore, instead remaining as a
red 'no entry' cursor.
This used to work until not so long ago. So I have to use the 'traditional' method
of Attach ->
Browse to directory.


patience grasshopper.

While dragging, and hovering on taskbar, all the Tbird windows will show up as
tabs (for lack of better description) attached to the task bar.

Hover longer on the one you want (still dragging of course) and it will pop
Takes a couple extra seconds on my old beater. I have no idea where this hover
delay is set or controlled.

No it doesn't. Not any more. Never mind grasshoppers, I can promise you, I've hovered like a dragonfly for twenty seconds, just in case it changes its mind. This is what used to happen, but on my install at least, whilst I get the initial group pop-up from the taskbar entry, I cannot get the chosen window within that group to open.

I just gave it another try, but this time I changed from my preferred Manual Grouping to Do Not Sort. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. No change anyway. So I unticked 'Open Groups In Popups'. Hmm, maybe I prefer that, even though that doesn't behave at all as I expected.


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