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Re: [opensuse] Two by for swap?
Anton --

...and then Anton Aylward said...
% On 29/11/17 03:16 PM, David T-G wrote:
% > I think (but am not
% > sure) even classic ATT v7.
% LOL!
% Old v7 was just a swapping system, it ran n the very basic PDP-11 (and others
% that era) that did not have paging and instruction restart.

I'll accept that :-) My only PDP-11 experience was sitting at one a few
times; I never knew anything about the internals.

% Processes forked by being swapped out, then the in-core version then being
% a new id etc. It wasn't so much 'copy-on-write' as 'copy by writing out to

Ahhhh... Interesting!

% A bit theoretical ... but there you have justification.

And isn't that what this entire subthread has become? ;-)


David T-G

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