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Re: [opensuse] How does one setup mythtv?
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 08:27:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <ovobsb$bjh$>
Carlos E. R. wrote:

I'm unsure how to setup mythtv.

I installed:


MythTV has a backend and a frontend. They can easily run on the same
system or on different ones, and you can have multiple backends.

Set up the backend by running "mythsetup", the frontend ("mythfrontend")
will notice it hasn't been configured and will open the config dialogue
automatically when you run it for the first time.

Nest is "Configuring_MythTV". It says:

«This guide assumes you have already installed MythTV, MySQL, created
the MySQL user id and set up your backend to automatically start. If
you used a Mythbuntu or a package from the Mythbuntu PPA these have
already been done.»

MySQL was installed automatically at some point (María*) and I started
it - - I did not configure anything on it, everything is at defaults.

You would normally want to set the root password, but it's not

Run "/usr/share/mysql-test/suse-test-run" to verify mysql does work.

How do I create the "MySQL user id"? There are no instructions on

using the mysql command line interface, for instance.

"grant all privileges on <mythdb>.* to '<mythuser>'@'localhost'
identified by '<passwd>'"

mythdb = name you chose for the database.
mythuser = user you chose for accessing the database.
passwd = password of your choice.

All will go into the backend and frontend config.

Start the backend automatically? It is not configured yet. Sure?

Yes, that doesn't sound right, but it won't hurt.

Next step is <>

I try run "mythtv-setup" as root. It asks country and language, then
tries to access mysql, apparently fails, asks where it is, click
finish, and it loops again to the first step, nothing saved despite
having clicked "save".

What can I do? Those instructions are not clear at all, and I see no
docus for openSUSE. None in our wiki, either.

There is nothing openSUSE specific in mythtv.

Is not the setup program supposed to create and configure the

It will need a userid and a password to do that.

Isengard:~ # mythtv-setup
2017-11-30 03:54:03.315318 I Setup Interrupt handler
2017-11-30 03:54:03.315355 I Setup Terminated handler
2017-11-30 03:54:03.535945 E [DBManager0] Unable to connect to
2017-11-30 03:54:03.535987 E Driver error was [1/1045]:
QMYSQL: Unable to connect
Database error was:
Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Ok, so the default user is 'mythtv'. You just need to grant it access
to the database - I think the default database might be 'mythconverg'.

Per Jessen, Zürich (2.0°C) - your owncloud, hosted in Switzerland.

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