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Re: [opensuse] Get an SSD just for swap?
On 27 November 2017 at 13:38, jdd@xxxxxxxxx <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I use ssd for main disk for more than a year now (480Go, just under €100
at the moment €129 today and only rotating for archiving

250 Go today, €66:

€70 here (ordering from to Ireland) but similar. So I basically
have a choice between 64Gb for 30 (which lets me put on root, swap,
and the stuff that needs fast work) and 250Gb for 70 (and basically
move everything except archive and downloads to SSD).

I did find an option in the middle too, 128Gb for 50
. That would let me move most everything to SSD too, but definitely
avoid btrfs. Then it would be root 32G swap 20G home everything else.
As long as gigabyte-sized downloads don't end up in home I should be
good, but "watch what you download" is not really a runner in 2017.
Just symlink ~/Downloads onto HDD?..

Or is Crucial very much better than Drevo?..

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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