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Re: [opensuse] Reinstating Linda. Was: Dear Chairman Brown ~
On 18/11/17 09:20, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* jdd@xxxxxxxxx <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> [11-17-17 16:53]:
Le 17/11/2017 � 22:13, John Andersen a �crit�:

We would probably all be better off to just decamp to a forum somewhere out
of their control.

but we are not better received on forums...
you would be if you joined a forum not *dedicated* to support. but if you
want a list to freely discuss anything, why here and not

Patrick, you have read many times that there is available in each mail
client the feature of "bit-bucketing" post by the use of message filters
Or even, as one has in Thunderbird, the ability to simply ignoring whole
threads which are not to one's liking.

You also know that this list, as others except offtopic, are
"self-balancing" or "self-regulating" whereby people point out to
someone that there posts are beginning to be irritating and this done
mostly via private mail. This has been going on for years and years --
at least since I have been a subscriber to this list (can't remamber
when I first sub-ed to this list :-)).

In any case threads which apparently annoy you  don't last for long;
they die a natural death without anyone trying to put them to death. A
gripe or anger if not allowed to be expressed but stomped on and sent
"undergorund" will only fester and express itself in other ways which
may be more harmful in the end to the person/organisation against whom
the angst is being suppressed. You know the old PR adage that every
complaint is made known to at least 20 people but praise is spread only
to 2 or possibly 3 people. (The numbers may be wrong: I am quoting from
-- what remains of :-D -- memory.)

For example, I can see that this exchange between us re the use of this
list is something which should peter out and the discussion return to
matter of Community members being, well, banned.


"You should never argue about politics or religion. Or anything else
if you're going to come out with crap like that."
Anonymous circa 2013

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