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Re: [opensuse] Boot failure after update from 42.2 to 42.3 "Grub-tpm-measure not found"
  • From: stakanov <stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 09:52:50 +0100
  • Message-id: <17564602.omEigGRyX0@roadrunner>
In data giovedì 9 novembre 2017 00:25:46 CET, Carlos E. R. ha scritto:
Well, can you boot the system? I guess not.

No, it gives the error as of above.

sdc2 and sdc5 are extrange. :-?
This is easily explained. The Acronis Software for windows is a backup
programm that creates a proprietary formatting on the disk and compresses data
with it. Therefore only Acronis Software can access this system backup. Linux
certainly can not nor can grub.

Partition Boot Start Sector End Sector # of Sectors Id System

/dev/sde1 * 0 5,130,239 5,130,240 0 Empty
/dev/sde2 304 8,495 8,192 ef EFI

/dev/sde1 overlaps with /dev/sde2 <=================

GUID Partition Table detected, but does not seem to be used. <==============

Partition Attrs Start Sector End Sector # of Sectors System
/dev/sde1 0 5,129,515 5,129,516 Data partition
(Windows/Linux) /dev/sde2 304 8,495 8,192
Data partition (Windows/Linux)

There are problems with sde.
Well, that I am subscribing without hesitations. I should not even have an sde

Boot an openSUSE live system. Mount sdb6 on /mnt, for instance.

Well, this is a main problem, how to find a openSUSE live system as AFAIK,
leap does not have one. If I take TW I am not sure a) that it exists b)
that it will be compatible , TW is quite far from current leap 42.3. Would
live DVD of Mageia do.... I do not know that either.

mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys
mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev

cd /mnt
chroot /mnt
yast (text mode)

O.K. up to here I am with you. Just will need the live DVD.

navigate to the section on boot, and change the configuration to be
correct: install generic MBR on sdb, install grub in "/dev/sdb3", mark it
bootable (it already is), install grub files in /dev/sdb6

Is this the yast menu point: "personalized boot partition"?

More or less, I know how to do it but not from memory.

Notice that grub has to be installed "partially" in the extended
partition, and the files in a logical partition.

This part I do not understand. How would I do this?

Alternatively, backup and install fresh in sdb telling Yast to take the
entire disk, without a NEW home partition. Use the existing one in sdd1. I
would probably do this, to reuse that unused space.

You also have to tell the bios to boot from the second disk.


Carlos E. R.

I think once I manage to do all this, it would be nice to migrate only linux
to a new ssd and then to format and reuse the former system disc. But I do not
know if this is possible to do this without a fresh install. (it is just that
he has a lot of specific graphics programms installed (believe it or not, he is
using blender and other programs. So I would like to avoid to have to search
for all programms installed again.

P.S. thank you for your help. Also thank you to Andrei.
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