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Re: [opensuse] systemd, gpsd, and sockets
02.11.2017 20:13, Andrei Borzenkov пишет:
02.11.2017 18:15, Per Jessen пишет:

Yes, for gpsd to be started on-demand does sound wrong.

Why? As far as I understand it does not compute any persistent
information over time and simply offers abstraction for clients to hide
hardware implementation details. Moreover, as far as I can tell, by
default gpsd does not even access devices until client connects. So what
exact advantage starting it unconditionally offers?

That said, observed behavior is still systemd integration bug.
Unfortunately I do not think systemd supports alternatives - i.e. enable
gpsd.service *or* gpsd.socket.

Actually I say the fix would be to remove "Also=gpsd.socket" from
gpsd.service [Install] section, thus allowing to selectively enable
either of them. Anyone cares enough to open upstream bug report?

So simply disable gpsd.socket after gpsd.service has been enabled
gpsd.service so systemd does not hijack ports.

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