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Re: [opensuse] another WD Green AV-GP HD failure
Greg Freemyer composed on 2017-11-01 13:57 (UTC-0400):

Felix Miata wrote:

Greg Freemyer composed on 2017-11-01 12:32 (UTC-0400):

The DVDR froze trying to play a recording, so I shut it down, pulled the
HD out,
and made an image of it thus:

ddrescue -d /dev/sdc dvdrfile.img dvdrfile.logfile

Rescued size while running was 10MB less than total size. Average rate was
49894kB/s. Errsize: 67072B. Errors: 81. Rescued: 320072MB. ipos/opos
Runtime: 106min.

With default options skip-size is not one sector. So each error saw
numerous sectors skipped.

Also the default is to image in the forward direction.

Now that you're 99.9% done, you want to override both:

-- reverse causes the sectors to be read from the highest sector
first. That mechanically changes how the heads move around, so it can
cause unreadable sectors to become readable.

-- skip-size=512,512 forces a error to only impact a single sector.

So you want to rerun the command as:

ddrescue -d /dev/sdc --reverse --skip-size=512,512 dvdrfile.img

ddrescue: Numerical argument out of limits. :-(

My mistake, try:

ddrescue -d /dev/sdc --reverse --skip-size=64KiB,64Kib dvdrfile.img

The early failing one seemed to make sense, limiting error size to one 512b

The new one seems like has a typo. I did it exactly anyway, and it finished
instantly with same errors 81 and same errsize 65536B. I tried with
--skip-size=64KiB,64KiB too, but still it finished instantly. I tried also
--skip-size=1s,1s and --skip-size=8s,8s, and got the out of limits/immediate
exit again on both. :-(
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