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Re: [opensuse] Re: mcelog: CPU 6 on socket 1 received Bus and Interconnect Errors in Other-transaction
On 01/11/17 08:03 AM, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Hi Anton,

thx for your answer.

On 01/11/17 07:22 AM, Michael Hirmke wrote:

a) dust

I already cleaned everything as careful as possible.


b) oxidation

Puh, I'd have to disassemble fan and cpu to check that.

Sometimes it's just a matter of un-plugging what three is to be unplugged,
including the power leads to the mobo, and what contacts are accessible. Wipe.
Blow air.

I'd prefer to do this as a last ressort.

I dread the thought of pulling the CPUs! But you can dust-off their fans and the
power leads to those fans.
The only reason I can imagine is
a) the CPU really really dies
b) you decide to upgrade to 8-core or 16-core

But of course you're right - this may be one reason.

c) bad caps

Oops, changing caps is beyond my skills 8-<

On a multi-layer board like a mobo, this is beyond mine too, though I've fixed
up a flat-screen that died of this.

While I sometimes have to pull memory and connectors, wipe the gold fingers
with an antistatic cloth, blow air into the connectors and replace all same,
I rarely have to replace capacitors. I have more than enough low-end mobos
from the "Closet of Anxieties", but obviously that isn't the case with you.

Indeed - this Supermicro mobo is a high-end mobo.

Right! Oh, what is it, how much did it set you back?
Obviously this is not something I'd expect to find in the Closet of Anxieties!

But never-the-less, clean what contacts you can clean.

NEXT UP: quality of the PSU from a cold start.

Heck, it's getting cold and I turn the computer on before the forced air
heating has warmed the house ...

I don#t think, this is a problem here, because the machines run the
whole day, so everything is warm, when one of them is switched off for a
short while and then switched back on.

... your electricity bill, Bro, not mine!

Still, 'pull and polish'.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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