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Re: [opensuse] Libreofficewriter problems printing embedded inage.
On 23/10/17 22:16, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Bear in mind that Postscript is a DOCUMENT description language, while
PDF is a PAGE description language. PDF requires much less working
memory, and if something goes wrong it is also a lot easier to find the

I understand that it is easy to translate between ps and pdf, they are

Yes, they are very similar. But PS stores a lot of information at the document level, whereas in PDF that information is repeated for every page. You can cut a page out of a PDF and print it no problem. Do that for PS and it may work, or it may fail spectacularly - special stuff like fonts, stylesheets, etc etc is stored at the start of the PS document and gets lost if you try to cut a page.

That said, my experience of writing a program to chuck documents out of a database said programming PS was *much* easier, if you didn't try to be clever ...


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