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Re: [opensuse] Libreofficewriter problems printing embedded inage.
Le 20/10/2017 à 15:34, Anton Aylward a écrit :

Sorry: I don't buy it.
You're going to have to give me a reasoning.

do you understand all what openSUSE is doing for you? I don't :-(

so a step by step method have to be used to identify your problem, if it's a real problem that needs fixing and not a simple reasoning

I agree that the way CUPS does its filtering is stupid: The text-to-PS script
converts the test to PDF then does a PDF-to-PS.

this have to be asked on gutenprint list... may be the reason is "lack of man power, we need the simplest way for any and all printers"??

do you know how it is possible to make by hand any step cups do? I did know that on the old lpr time, where I had to setup the filters myself, but do not anymore.

But first, you should make a summary of what have been done up today, because the thread subject do not seems to fit anymore

* can you print from libreoffice to pdf or ps file and see the file with ocular (with images)? I guess yes
* can you then print these files to the printer and have the image printed? I understand the answer is no
* can you print any other pdf with embedded image? If es what differs between the two pdfs?




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