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Re: [opensuse] Why I'm not absolutely using CUPS
On 10/10/2017 09:39 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
As far as the DHCP goes, it ONLY hands out addresses to known MAC addresses.
As far as the switch goes, it only lets though known MAC addresses.
If the device isn't on that list then it can't use the network.


A switch learns MAC addresses from the frames it passes. The only thing
I know of in switches that blocks or passes based on MAC addresses is a
security feature, where only 1 or 2 MACs are allowed through a port on a
managed switch. This is something that must be specifically
configured. Beyond that, switches pass all valid Ethernet frames,
usually via the port where the destination device can be found.
Otherwise, the frames are broadcast out all ports as with broadcasts or
for devices that it hasn't yet learned about. As soon as a switch
receives a frame from a device, it knows the MAC for that device and
which port it's connected to.

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