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Re: [opensuse] BUG: Bad page state in process pfn:6db6db6db6e5d85e ??
On 10/07/2017 09:20 AM, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
Might it be temperature issues? Dust gets into everything.

Thanks Ken, Bengt,

It's not temperature.

(I regularly put a thumb-tack through the fan grill to peg the fan and run a
shop-vac over both sides to suck the dust-bunnies out. If you try this MAKE
SURE you have pegged the fan, otherwise you will wildly overspeed your fan.
Also, if you get dust-bunnies sucked up against the screen from the inside
when you shop-vac it, just rub a bit of hook-velcro over the screen on the
outstide and it will catch and pull them through... :)

After another 3 hour memtest run, I do get a couple of errors on random bit
test 7 near the end, 2-new sticks of pc2-5300 SODIMM ordered. Had to cough up
$19 for 4G.

I'll set you know if that does it.

Bengt, glad to see you use a heredoc similar to the way I use it for small C
code tests. I put it altogether with:

$ gcc -c -o ymc.o -x assembler - <<EOF
.globl foo

.byte 0x8b,0x44,0x24,0x18,0x4d,0x8d,0x2c,0x07,0x4d,0x3b,0x6d,0x00,0x0f,\

The 'movabs $0xdead000000100100,%rax' looks suspicious, even though it is a
valid 64-bit number, it is well above what I would expect as a valid address:

$ objdump --adjust-vma=0x1d --disassemble ymc.o

ymc.o: file format elf64-x86-64

Disassembly of section .text:

000000000000001d <foo>:
1d: 8b 44 24 18 mov 0x18(%rsp),%eax
21: 4d 8d 2c 07 lea (%r15,%rax,1),%r13
25: 4d 3b 6d 00 cmp 0x0(%r13),%r13
29: 0f 84 e9 02 00 00 je 318 <foo+0x2fb>
2f: 45 85 e4 test %r12d,%r12d
32: 0f 84 d3 02 00 00 je 30b <foo+0x2ee>
38: 4d 8b 6d 08 mov 0x8(%r13),%r13
3c: 49 83 ed 20 sub $0x20,%r13
40: 49 8b 45 28 mov 0x28(%r13),%rax
44: 49 8b 55 20 mov 0x20(%r13),%rdx
48: 89 42 08 mov %eax,0x8(%rdx)
4b: 48 89 10 mov %rdx,(%rax)
4e: 48 b8 00 01 10 00 00 movabs $0xdead000000100100,%rax
55: 00 ad de
58: 49 89 45 20 mov %rax,0x20(%r13)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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