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Re: [opensuse] Which distros for ReiserFS?
06.10.2017 22:58, Per Jessen пишет:
Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

06.10.2017 19:49, Per Jessen пишет:
Dave Howorth wrote:

I asked:
Who is the best person to ask my kernel question, or is the
discussion archived online somewhere? I'd like to understand the

Jiri replied:
I checked the current status. At the moment we do not build the
reiserfs module at all.

From Leap423:

test99:~ # modinfo reiserfs

Same for Tumbleweed. As far as I can tell, it is still built on SLE15
as well. I /think/ that it was meant that module was marked as
not-supported on SLE15

Wed Aug 16 20:26:45 CEST 2017 - jeffm@xxxxxxxx

- supported.conf: mark reiserfs unsupported (FATE#323394).
ReiserFS is not supported in SLE15. ReiserFS file systems must be
transferred or converted before installing.
- commit 5f3f041

and such modules "are included in an extra RPM package
(kernel-FLAVOR-extra) and will not be loaded by default
(FLAVOR=default|xen|...) ... and the kernel-FLAVOR-extra package is
not part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise media" (from current SLE
documentation). This makes it effectively not available by default on
SLE. I do not think this policy also applies to openSUSE. For a start,
there is no kernel-default-extra package at all.

FWIW, I think we should just leave reiserfs available for anyone who
wants to use it. I can certainly accept it's not available/supported
in YaST, but otherwise people should be free to use if they so chose.

This list is the wrong place to discuss SLE changes ... and even there
people will be free to use it if they so chose, just need to install
additional package and adjust modprobe configuration if my
interpretation is correct.

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