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Re: [opensuse] Which distros for ReiserFS?
On Wed, 20 Sep 2017 22:23:39 +0100 I wrote:
And as such I consider it entirely reasonable to ask questions about
what I'm going to have to do to upgrade my system. In fact your reply
was to an email in which I asked some questions, which you chose to
ignore and even delete from your reply! I'll repeat them:

I wrote and asked Jiri Srain, the project manager responsible for
YaST, these questions and he replied quickly and informatively. I asked
him for permission to post his answers here and he has just done so,
along with some further information about question 3:

(1) Is YaST going to suggest that I migrate a reiserfs filesystem to
something else or is it going to refuse to continue the upgrade until
I have done so? (for data, not root)

The filesystem migration is something that can turn to be really fragile
and lead to data loss to be done automatically as part of the update
process. The user will be asked to migrate the filesystem manually and
then start the upgrade.

(2) Is that all filesystems on all disks, or just those in the

The updater will only care about the filesystems which are mentioned in
fstab. Therefore removing the fstab entry for data partition will allow
you to upgrade.

(3) Is the kernel still going to support reiserfs?

This is question for kernel folks; we were discussing whether we can
remove the driver from kernel completely or need to keep at least
read-only support (in order to be able to detect the system which would
be upgradeable if it was on a different filesystem). It may happen that
the driver is in the installer/updater only.

(4) What mechanisms are available for conversion, and are there any
that do not require me to buy extra hardware? (i.e. use extra space)

Either you do back-ups anyway or the data can be easily destroyed, or?

More seriously, I would not do any conversion, at least not without
having a solid back-up. Any interruption in the middle will mean
destroying your partition. Re-populating the partition from back-up is
IMO the safest solution.

The additional information about the kernel is:

I asked:
Who is the best person to ask my kernel question, or is the discussion
archived online somewhere? I'd like to understand the reasoning.

Jiri replied:
I checked the current status. At the moment we do not build the reiserfs
module at all.

Cheers, Dave

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