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Re: [opensuse] Sufficiently patched OpenSUSE?
On 05-10-2017 kl. 11:16 Dave Plater wrote:
I need a little help here: Based on a scanning from the national CERT my
security officer claims that I am running outdated software.
The relevant information is contained in the rpm changelog. To query
this use, for instance apache2 "rpm -q --changelog apache2|less" The use
of less is needed due to the long history. The changes have a record of
every CVE fixed and the openSUSE bug reference - boo#bugnumber.

Thanks Dave, that is even better as I can simply grep on the CVE numbers
they claim a to be vulnerabilities on my system. Like:

me@server:~> rpm -q --changelog apache2|grep CVE-2017-9788
* CVE-2017-9788 [bsc#1048576]
+ apache2-CVE-2017-9788.patch

Nice :-)


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