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Re: [opensuse] rootmail does not work, no matter what

On 25/09/2017 12:26, Per Jessen wrote:
Dave Plater wrote:

On 25/09/2017 10:53, Per Jessen wrote:
Dave Plater wrote:

"mail -u root" replies "No mail for root" even when there is mail
for davepl.

Did you not expect that?

I've tried sending to various other system users and if the user
exists mailx just states no mail, if the user doesn't exist,
including aliases from /etc/aliases that don't exist as users.
Any idea what the "never_users list" is

If I am not mistaken, that is an exim config parameter. You are
using exim?

I was baffled that I didn't have sendmail installed yet the mail
seemed to work, yes I have exim.

Right - exim probably aupplies a sendmail wrapper, just like postfix

This was a fresh 42.2 install zypper dup'ed to 42.3.
I don't have any accounts listed in mail either. rpm -ql exim finds
this: /usr/lib/systemd/system/exim.service so mail is now handled by
systemd via exim?

Probably for quite some time. For postfix, at least since 13.2.

I see "never_users = root" in /etc/exim/exim.conf
and it looks like a standard default.

I looked it up -

"never_users = root specifies that no delivery must ever be run as the
root user".

Which would explain why you're getting not any mail delivered to the
root account. However, I am not familiar with exim, at all.

Main point is that it works with rkhunter, one of the programs that Stakanov wanted to receive mail from. Maybe sendmail doesn't work with 42.3 out of the box.
Dave P

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