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Re: [opensuse] C++ Question
On 24.09.2017 00:48, Paul Groves wrote:

On 23/09/17 15:10, Per Jessen wrote:
Paul Groves wrote:

Hi All,

Probably not the right place to ask but one of you may know the

I am learning C++ and my program uses system('program --arg1 --arg2');
to run a proprietary program. My question is how can I make this
program a dependency so that it has to be installed before my program?
Hi Paul

that's a packaging issue, not a programming issue.
OK, well this is my first time packaging a program. Any advice on how I
would go about this? I would like to make a .rpm for opensuse and a .deb
for ubuntu

For belt and braces, is there a way to check for installed packages in
C++ too so I can output an error message if a required package is not

Almost all packaging formats can handle dependencies. Some dependencies
can be set automatically by using ldd, some have to be defined. If you
want to build for many OS versions, you should try the open build
service: It can build packages for many Suse
versions, centos, arch, debian, fedora, redhat, ubuntu ...

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