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Re: [opensuse] some mp4 cannot be played "decoder profile above limits"

On 23/09/2017 18:54, Daniel Bauer wrote:

Am 23.09.2017 um 18:39 schrieb Dave Plater:

On 23/09/2017 18:05, Daniel Bauer wrote:

Am 23.09.2017 um 17:40 schrieb Dave Plater:
  Do any
videos of type h265 play in vlc?
Dave P

I only see h264. But I have other videos with the same gst-discoverer-1.0 output that are played normally. I test with these two:

does /NOT/ work in VLC: (14.3MB)

plays normal: (29.8MB)

(meanwhile I'll revert the vlc-beta install as it made in more worse than better...)
Possibly the official vlc will work, otherwise you can at least file a bug. Believe it or not 20170603_124912.mp4 plays in vlc-beta for me but I've got intel graphics. It appears to insist on using hardware codecs as well and I have similar output to what you posted previously but the clip plays so does the other one. When I get time I'll examine the build of the ffmpeg2 update, If you install official vlc and file a bug I can take this further. My bugzilla email is davejplater@xxxxxxxxx
Dave P

Thank you Dave for your efforts on my problem!

After David Haller's explenations I believe that it is probably my good old Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 that doesn't support the larger (in pixels) video. I see that this card according to wikipedia only supports Nvidia VDPAU Feature Set C, which is up to 1920x1080px.

I have no idea why vlc played all those videos before and now only if I manually select another output method than VDPAU. Maybe some update has changed the behavior of vlc's "auiomatic" settings, or changed the settings from something else to automatic? I don't know.

But for now I consider my case as solved (changing the video output to "OpenGL GLX Videoausgabe (XCB)" ).

But if you think it is really worth trying despite of the given graphics card - and only then :-) - I'll install the official vlc just for testing...


Vlc in Packman is a direct link to Leap:42.3 and there haven't been any updates since 42.3's release so I would suspect that this could be due to very recent ffmpeg2 security updates, unfortunately ffmpeg2 has no ffplay and ffprobe support. Fmpeg2 was created specifically for vlc which cannot build with the current ffmpeg-3x.
The intention is for you to have the official vlc installed and simply have vlc-codecs and ffmpeg2 from Packman. Try changing all but the codecs package to official, also the vlc-codec-gstreamer should enable everything via gstreamer-plugins-libav and vlc won't need anything from packman. This should also help kaffeine which plays both of your posted videos but they don't play smoothly, maybe due to vlc-beta or no hardware acceleration being used, I'll try the official vlc as well, including the official codec packages.
Dave P

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