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Re: [opensuse] VLC: some mp4 cannot be played "decoder profile above limits"

Am 23.09.2017 um 14:05 schrieb Bengt Gördén:
Den 2017-09-23 kl. 13:53, skrev Daniel Bauer:

Am 23.09.2017 um 13:20 schrieb michael norman:
On 23/09/17 10:43, Daniel Bauer wrote:

"Suddenly" the mp4-videos from my mobile phone cannot be played
I tried to start from commandline, and maybe the messages say
something to somebody of you...:

vlc 20161005_085414.mp4
VLC media player 2.2.6 Umbrella (revision 2.2.6-0-g1aae78981c)
[000055aac07500c8] core libvlc: VLC wird mit dem Standard-Interface
ausgeführt. Benutzen Sie 'cvlc', um VLC ohne Interface zu verwenden.
[00007f236c0b6378] vdpau_avcodec generic error: decoder profile
above limits: level 51 3840x2160
[00007f236c0c48b8] freetype spu text error: Breaking unbreakable line
QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread


It just
affects those from my phone. And they haven't been affected some weeks
ago. I can still play them in a browser or using QTAV, but not vlc or

Meanwhile I found out that it seems that only videos taken before June
12th 2017 are affected. Newer ones play...

I uploaded two sample videos taken with the same phone


does /NOT/ work in VLC: (14.3MB)

plays normal: (29.8MB)

I'm on TW and use mplayer (1.2.r37916-6.9) from packman.

I can play both although the first is 90 degres to the left (standing).


Yes, the error occurs only with vlc and kaffeine. And - besides of browsers - vlc is the only one that automatically corrects the position of the phone and turns them accordingly, which is very useful.

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona

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