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Re: [opensuse] Reading LTO cartridge memory
16.09.2017 14:42, Paul Groves пишет:

On 16/09/17 11:29, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
16.09.2017 13:20, Paul Groves пишет:

On 13/09/17 13:18, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
It only reads/writes single attribute - 0803h "USER MEDIUM TEXT
LABEL". It can be used as example how to integrate handling of more
attributes; in particular barcode is attribute 0806h.
Is it possible to use  program such as sg_raw to access that SCSI
address directly?
Yes, of course.
Anyone know how to do this? Or where to find some useful information.

Well, you can read any available SCSI reference manual for exact format
of READ ATTRIBUTE/WRITE ATTRIBUTE commands as well as list of standard
attributes (you can find them either on or some links were
posted in this thread) as well as check mentioned program how it builds
such command descriptor. I would probably try it (out of general
curiosity) but I do not have any physical tape library/drive to test.

Therefore being able to read it. But then how to write to it...?

How is writing different? You send the right command to the device ...

Makes sense now you put it like that. I just need to learn the commands
first :)

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