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Re: [opensuse] WD Green AV HD: rsync read errors mapping

On 07/09/2017 08:19, Felix Miata wrote:
1.863TiB (whole disk) partition.:-( Probably take less time to dd whole disk
and then restore from backup, probably most of another day at least, assuming I
didn't destroy the device half an hour ago when I tripped and the external case
it was in went flying onto the floor (fdisk does still find it). Meanwhile I'm
trying to get things in order, including trying to figure out why with my
freshly upgraded 24/7 box, from 42.1 to 42.3, KDE3 no longer reports USB stick
plugins (yet does with OM), anticipating an attack from the strongest Atlantic
hurricane on record.:-(
You can take the failed sector number from smartctl -l selftest and paste it into hdparm --write-sector Repair/overwrite a (possibly bad) sector directly on the media (VERY DANGEROUS)
Just follow the instructions that come up when you try to execute it the first time. If that doesn't fix the bad sector then there isn't any space left for reallocating sectors or the disk's firmware is faulty.
Repeat until smartctl -t long completes.
Seagate have isos for reflashing firmware, I don't know if WD have.
It's a lot quicker than badblocks.

Dave P

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