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Re: [opensuse] Problem installing openSUSE Leap 42.3 on Acer Aspire ES 15 in dual boot with Windows
06.09.2017 04:45, Patrick Shanahan пишет:
* Freek de Kruijf <freek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [09-05-17 17:27]:
At first I tried to install openSUSE Leap 42.3 with UEFI enabled in the BIOS.
I was able to boot from an USB stick and installed it on the disk. However
this system when booting only used the Windows boot system, so I never saw
GRUB2. The Boot page in BIOS shows a list of devices to boot from, first the
USB HDD, second the disk, third Windows Boot System, but with the USB device
removed only Windows Boot System is used.
Choosing Boot from Disk using the USB stick gives an error message, which I
searched for with Google, but I did find, discussions, however not a

After that I went for Legacy BIOS and now I get the GRUB2 boot screen,
without the possibility to boot Windows.

Changing back to UEFI in the BIOS gives me only Windows again.
Changing to Legacy in BIOS gives me GRUB2 and only Leap.
It is some kind of dual boot, but not the desired one.

Any suggestions?

There are a lot of systems where booting anything beyond (often,
preinstalled) Windows is a challenge. The first step is to check whether
boot entry is missing or it is ignored by firmware. Post "efibootmgr -v"
output from any live Linux (booted in EFI mode), e.g. from openSUSE
installation medium. As this post suggests, some Acer systems may
require explicitly allowing execution of bootloader, even with Secure
Boot disabled:

In the worst case the only solution is to hijack Windows bootloader.

It is may also be also possible to switch Windows to legacy boot mode
without reinstall.

I was successful using instructions here:

you probably missed creating the openSUSE entry in the efi boot menu, re:

You are aware that openSUSE installer does exactly that, are not you?

# efibootmgr -c -L "openSUSE-alt" -l '\EFI\opensuse\grubx64.efi'

or something similar, mine is "openSUSE" rather than "openSUSE-alt"

and I can select windows from the grub boot menu.

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