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Re: [opensuse] network manager system default setup
On 29/06/17 19:55, gumb wrote:
On 29/06/17 20:35, Istvan Gabor wrote:

I noticed that network-manager configured networks are different for
different users.
I would like to make a default system setup and I want that
network-manager offers
every user the same choices.

I would like to setup some default connections as admin. All users
should see the same
default connections, able to start and stop those connections but not
able to modify
the connections (add new connection or remove connection). (That is, I
would like to
imitate the previous smpppd/kinternet/ifup combo behavior with nm.)

How to do this in Leap 42.2? Does it matter which nm-applet is run
(kde or gtk)?

Links to good network manager manuals or howtos are also welcomed.



In the default Plasma NM tool, when you add or edit a connection, under
the General tab, select 'All users may connect to this network'. When
you OK the dialog you'll be asked for the root password (or this will
have been demanded on editing an existing connection). The Advanced
button next to this option allows you to select more precisely which
users are allowed to connect.

Note that - if you're using KDE - this may not work (at least, not the
way you want).

I haven't dug into it, but from previous threads here it seems KDE
stores the password in the user's wallet so the connections can only be
created at login. I fell foul of this because I wanted the connections
created at boot. The workaround is to use a different desktop, which
will then store the password in Network Manager's config file.

I don't know for sure if users can remove a shared connection. I'd have
thought the root password would be required for that too.


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