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Re: [opensuse] Mapping and re-mapping Keyboard Keys
OK I have nearly got it. I now have a .sh script that re-maps all of my keys using set keycodes

Where can I put this script so it runs at boot? I have already tried it in the root crontab using @reboot but it has no effect there.

I think it might work in rc.local but it is not there in either location I thought it was:


Where can I find my system's rc.local?

As for the hotkeys 1-4 I have mapped them to unused keycodes 251, 252, 253 and 254

in xmodmap -pke I have:

keycode 251 =
keycode 252 =
keycode 253 =
keycode 254 =

How do I make it so these keycodes are recognised as F13 to F16?

I looked at the keycode for F12:
keycode 96 = F12 F12 F12 F12 F12 F12 XF86Switch_VT_12 F12 F12 XF86Switch_VT_12

and assume this is correct?

keycode 251 = F13 F13 F13 F13 F13 F13 XF86Switch_VT_13 F11 F11 XF86Switch_VT_13
keycode 252 = F14 F14 F14 F14 F14 F14 XF86Switch_VT_11 F11 F14 XF86Switch_VT_14
keycode 253 = F15 F15 F15 F15 F15 F15 XF86Switch_VT_11 F11 F15 XF86Switch_VT_15
keycode 254 = F16 F16 F16 F16 F16 F16 XF86Switch_VT_11 F11 F16 XF86Switch_VT_16

So now I need to know how can I add this to the xmodmap configuration.

I found a very old article from 2004 that said to save the lines in ~/.Xmodmap but the file did not exist and it does not work when I log out or reboot.

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