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Re: [opensuse] Mapping and re-mapping Keyboard Keys
On 27/06/17 12:22, Paul Groves wrote:

On 27/06/17 08:34, Aaron Digulla wrote:
xmodmap -pke | less

These keycodes do not seem to match the system. For example in the output of this command it says:

keycode 158 = XF86WWW NoSymbol XF86WWW

I ran setkeycodes e020 158

When I press the e020 (Internet) button xev says I have pressed code 166 (Back button).

How on earth has this happened? I specified 158 not 166. What have I done wrong?

Just been emailed this link:

To quote this article:

Here you can see keycode 97 is unused on my system:

|keycode 94 = less greater less greater bar brokenbar keycode 95 = F11 XF86Switch_VT_11 F11 XF86Switch_VT_11 keycode 96 = F12 XF86Switch_VT_12 F12 XF86Switch_VT_12 keycode 97 = keycode 98 = Katakana NoSymbol Katakana keycode 99 = Hiragana NoSymbol Hiragana |

The keycode X uses and the keycode the kernel uses are OFF BY 8 for "historical reasons". So take 97 - 8 = 89 and use 89 with the setkeycodes command (again as root):

So to make my vol - button work (xmodmap keycode 122 -8 = 114)

setkeycodes e01e 114

This has worked! I have re-mapped apl the buttons apart from my hotkeys.

No but there are lots of uncommon keycodes which you can use. For example, F13-F35 or KP_F1...KP_F4.

In the output of the command xmodmap -pke | less there are no codes for F13-F35 or KP_F1 etc

I would like to set HK1 - HK4 to F13 - F16 How do I find the keycodes for these buttons

Still looking for the keycodes for F13-16

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